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Sho Tokyo Kendo Dojo (Sho Tokyo) was founded by Kazuharu Arima sensei and Minoru Sakae sensei in 1992 with the intention of supporting the development of kendo in the United States. We aim to discipline the mind and body and cultivate the development of character through correct and rigid training, with a special focus on proper etiquette, correct deportment and social responsibility.[1]

Throughout the years, Sho Tokyo has had representation at all tournament levels, including All US Kendo Championship and World Kendo Championship. We are also committed to giving back to the community by providing volunteer work to support kendo events, participating in martial arts demonstrations in the annual New Year’s Festival in Little Tokyo, and actively helping the yearly fundraising event for Los Angeles Minobusan Beikoku Betsuin. Additionally, several of our members have served as the officers and board members to the Southern California Kendo Federation and the All US Kendo Federation.

Sho Tokyo is currently led by head instructor Brandon Harada sensei. Please refer to the “Practice Info/How to Join” page for more details, or contact us at for any questions.

Any level is welcomed! Start your Kendo journey today!

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